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Friday, December 23, 2005

Its time to say Thank You and Merry Christmas to all.

Tomorrow will be busy with a day of ticket checking and then church in the evening, so I better say this tonight or it won't get done.

Thank you. To each of of you that continue to come around this humble spot and check in on me. thank you. To all the folks I have the opportunity to share with this year, its been a pleasure, whether we were talking about scooters, guns, school or whatever, I've enjoyed it. My little spot on the internet has been a great source of pleasure to me and I appreciate all the support, visitors and feedback. I've had a chance to meet a couple of the folks who author the blogs on my blog list and I'm related to two more of them. I still find that fact to be pretty amazing.

So tonight's post is just my chance to say thank you to all. And I'll take this chance to wish everyone a Merry Christmas if you celebrate the Christian holiday. If one of the other holidays at this time of year suits you better, then have a blessed holiday, whichever one it might be.

P.S. Apparently it takes just a very few coffee beans for a dog to crunch up for the dog to get a great caffeine buzz going...

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